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A customisable white noise generator that goes with you
wherever you go.
Jinglow Jinglow

On-The-Go White Noise Machine

Listen to white noise from our extensive library of relaxing sounds.
Record your own white noise sounds,from relaxing rain to the buzz of a fan.
Mix your white noise sounds with a guided meditation.
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Let Jinglow Clear Your Mind

Sleep Better
White noise blocks distraction sounds so that you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
Concentrate Better
Cancel out distracting noises that pull your brain's attention from your task at hand.
Reduce Stress
Listen to soothing background sounds that quiet your body's fight-or-flight response.

What is White Noise ?

A consistent audible frequency that drowns out distracting sounds so that you can focus on what matters most of you.

White Noise for Studying

Experience profound concentration as you drown out the sounds around you. No more distracting chatter,floor creaks,or loud music beyond your control to keep you from studying.

White Noise for Sleep

Our Brains are continuously listening,even when we are asleep.What was once essential to our survival as a species is now detrimental to our sleep in modern day.White noise for sleep allows to your brains to finally rest so that we can too.

White Noise for Meditation

Meditation reduces stress,improves mood and helps us sleep better.But it can be hard to meditate with the bustling noise of the day around us. White noise for meditation can help you reach your zen no matter where you are.

Types of White Noise Sounds

Celestial White Noise

Celestial white noise is based on auditory masking so that you can concentrates on what matters most to you.It is perfect for sleeping for noise places,studying without distraction,or simply calming unsettling nerves.

White Noise Rain

Nature sounds reduce the fight-or-flight response in the body as the brain rewires itself to be more clam,relaxed and in the present moment.Whether it's white noise rain,wind,or a babbling brook, you can relax your brain in minutes.

White Noise Fan

Drown out distracting background noise with the soothing sounds of a white noise fan.Finally fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night as the white noise fan cancels out distracting and alarming sounds.

How Does White Noise Work ?

  • White noise machines are often used to drown out distracting background noise.But the truth is that it doesn't drown out noise at all.Instead, white noise is a collection of all auditory frequencies, much like white light is a combination of all color frequencies.
  • White noise is all of the auditory frequencies in one, continuous sound.This wide range of frequencies provides sound masking by absorbing all of the alarming sounds that lie on a single frequency, such as a dog bark, a car horn, or a door slam.White noise provides the perfect frequency of ambient sounds to give your brain a rest so that you can concentrate better, sleep better, and feel better.

What are the benefits?

White Noise to Fall Asleep

White noise sounds mask distracting noise so that you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
Our brains are always working, even when we are asleep. We continue to listen for cues, just like a car alarm system "listens" for potential danger.
When sounds pop up that are not a part of the natural background noise, the alarm systems in our brains are triggered.
This can prevent us from having a restful sleep.
By using white noise machines while you sleep, you are sound masking the alarming sounds that would otherwise get in the way.

White Noise and Babies

Traditionally, a sound machine has been recommended for young infants to help them sleep better.
This, however, may have done more harm than good.
A noisy sound machine can delay hearing development in infants, causing problems with hearing later in life.
Many concerned parents have made the switch to a gentle white noise machine, instead.
Just like we have an alarm system in our brains, so do our babies. By placing a soothing white noise generator in the same room as your baby while he sleeps, you are allowing his brain to enter into a deep and restorative rest.
Soothing white noise sounds allows your child's brain to make the important connections needed for a happy, successful life.
In fact, white noise has even been used to improve cognitive performance and reduce symptoms of ADHD, which can be especially crucial for young, growing minds.
White noise can be an all-natural tool to help support healthy, growing minds.

How Do Nature Sounds Work?

Nature sounds, such as ocean waves, a babbling brook, or rain, reduce the body's natural response to stress.
Our stress response system, known as the fight-or-flight mode, is often overstimulated in our chaotic and demanding modern world. What was once a survival mechanism that helped humans become the greatest species on Earth is now getting in the way of achieving inner peace and happiness.
When we hear nature sounds, though, our bodies reduce the stress response and our brains enter deep relaxation.
It is a modern day solution for our over-worked and under-valued society.
If you need to quick cool-down from your hectic day or a little extra help slipping into a restful sleep, then set your white noise machine to nature sounds.
With Jinglow, a customisable white noise app, you can use nature sounds to calm your mind no matter where you are, in the city or in your home.
Let the soothing sound of nature calm your nerves and improve your life, today.