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A customisable daily positive affirmations app that goes with you
wherever you go.
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Daily Words of Affirmation

Listen to your favorite positive self-affirmations and combat negative thoughts anytime of the day.
Record your own positive self-talk so that you can listen to your own voice lift you up throughout the day.
Pair your favorite daily affirmations with the soothing sounds of white noise in our library.
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Let Jinglow clear your mind

Daily Quotes
Round up a list of positive affirmations and record one for each day of the month to help you meet your goals
Morning Affirmations
Clear your mind and get on your goals for the day ahead with positive self-talk first thing in the morning.
I Am Quotes
Give yourself the power to navigate your life confidently with daily I Am power affirmations.

What Are Words of Affirmation?

Affirmations are empowering statements that help reduce negative thought patterns and improve your self-esteem.

Quotes About Self

Negative thinking about the self can be damaging. Daily personal affirmations help interrupt negative self-talk so that you invite more positive thoughts and feelings naturally.

Daily Inspirational Quotes

Negative beliefs about ourselves and others can get in the way of reaching our goals. Listening to daily inspirational quotes while on the bus, train, or car ride each day can help keep your thoughts on the right track.

Feel Good Quotes

A positive attitude can change your entire life. Listen to feel good quotes throughout the day to encourage positive thinking.

Powerful Affirmations

Money Affirmations

Use daily positive affirmations about money to attract money into your life. Stop the negative thoughts about yourself and what you deserve by listening to powerful affirmations about money.

Birth Affirmations

Soon-to-be mamas have a big task ahead that requires a lot of positive thinking. Prepare your mind with birthing affirmations so that you can welcome your special day with love.

I Can and I Will Affirmations

Power affirmations help create a positive self-esteem. Listen to them on your way to an important meeting, during your commute home, or when you first wake up in the morning. Change your affirmations to match your needs each day.

How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

  • The brain interprets our experiences quickly and literally. Various cues throughout each moment help the brain efficiently process what is happening as it is happening. This means that it doesn't really take the time to figure out whether your negative thinking is based in fact or worst-case-scenario fiction.
  • Positive self-affirmations, and positive statements in general, help our brains assess an experience more positively. They also help us break negative thought patterns so that we can have a more uplifted, positive attitude even when we are not practicing our affirmations.

What Are The Benefits of Daily Affirmations

Powerful Mindfulness Exercises

Committing yourself to positive daily affirmations is in itself a mindfulness exercise. If you have heard about all the hype around mindfulness but you struggle with maintaining focus, positive affirmations will help make the transition a lot easier.

Help Improve Mental Health

Positive thoughts and positive beliefs contribute to overall mental health, especially to a positive self-esteem. Practicing love and forgiveness toward yourself and others through personal affirmations help get you there.

Open New Possibilities

The power of positive affirmations can completely transform the direction of your life by slowly shifting your perspective toward a life of abundance and peace. Imagine the possibilities with a perspective like that!