white noise for studying

White Noise For Studying So That You Can Graduate On Time

Got finals week coming up? Or a big project you’ve been working on?

And also noisy neighbors?

Yeah, we’ve been there. While it would be so wonderful if everyone was on our same schedule, that is unfortunately not the case.

So how do students get down to the nitty gritty and focus?

Well, there are a number of options but the simplest and safest solution is with white noise.

White noise for studying is like the secret sauce for your killer semester. It is what will help you tune out those distracting sounds and increase your cognitive performance.

Because when all of your brain is focused on the task before you, then you better believe that your cognitive performance will be sharp.

If you’re tired of finding a quiet corner to study and you are done with all of the distractions, then it’s time to up your study game with white noise.

Not convinced?

Let’s break it down so that you can understand exactly why white noise is such a powerful tool for deep sleep, focus, and, best of all, studying.

What is White Noise?

White noise got its name from white light, which is a combination of all wavelengths of the visible spectrum. In other words, white light is a combination of all of the colors.

White noise, then, is kind of like a combination of all of the sounds.

It is a combination of all frequencies of sound. When all frequencies are played at the same time, you hear what sounds like static.

When the white noise sounds are playing, it is much harder for your brain to identify a single frequency of sound. This makes it much easier to tune out background noise that would otherwise be distracting.

Not only that, but white noise has been shown to increase both short-term memory and long-term memory for kids with ADHD. The reason is that the brain is no longer overcome by distractions while white noise is playing because all of the noises are masked. Instead, the brain is able to pinpoint what requires focus while the rest of the background noise fades away into, well, the background. By being able to use brainpower on the task at hand, the brain is much more capable of storing the information in both short-term memory and long-term memory.

Students struggling with attention, whether diagnosed with ADHD or not, can then presumably enjoy the same benefit.

The struggle with ADHD is not unlike the brain’s mission to focus on what is important, altogether.

Our brains are hypervigilant as well as efficient. The brain learns to detect any small stimulus, whether the ticking of a clock or the sound of steps on a carpeted floor. It is always searching for any stimuli that may pose a threat and is, in a way, running like the human car alarm while we go about our daily tasks.

However, this can be extremely taxing on the brain to remain stimulated at these levels all throughout the day. Rather than continuing to scan the environment for all of the little sounds, it begins to ignore the sounds that are constant (such as the ticking of a clock, after a while).

This frees the brain to scan for new sounds that could be potentially threatening.

In this way, white noise creates a constant stream of sound so that we can focus our brain on only what is before us rather than all the little sounds around us.

As you can imagine, this can be a game changer for students trying to get a solid study session in while also living among a bunch of debaucherous animals.

Listening to the soothing sound of ambient noise while loud noises carry on around you is an incredibly empowering experience.

White Noise Machine

Sound machines have long been the solution to our noisy problems. In fact, they have been the secret weapon that new parents have been using for their sleepy babies over the years.

Though they can definitely help you fall asleep, they can also be used to study.

But let’s be honest.

You’re a student. You study in the hallways as well as the libraries. You study on a park bench and in the community laundry room. You study at the coffee shop and in the wellness center.

Add to that, over 11 percent of children under the age of 18 (um, hello college freshman) are diagnosed with ADHD and we have a serious concentration problem.

There are infinite places to study, many of them have loud noises, and students are often easily distracted

But does that mean you can bring your clunky white noise machine with you?

No. Not if you want to stay sane while also getting smart.

Instead, look for a white noise generator that you can take with you anywhere you go.

Luckily, this is 2018 and that means that virtually everything can be made into an app. You can now pack the soothing sound of a white noise generator into the tiny device that you can hold right in your hand.

The Best White Noise App

We may be biased here but we truly believe that we have created the best white noise app for studying.


Because our app provides a wide variety of white noise sounds and the ability to adjust noise levels according to your taste.

The noise cancelling ambient sounds can help you study, fall asleep, or just keep your cool anytime, anywhere.

We also added a recording function so that you can record your own voice…

…or anything else that you’d like to.

You can record your own nature sounds or the sounds of the steady flow of traffic. You can record positive affirmations or guided meditations.

You can even record your notes and make auditory flash cards.

Then, take your recordings and pair them with background noise, like ambient sounds or ocean waves.

Save your mix in your library right within the app so that you can listen to it anytime, anyplace.

Want to take a peek at the kind of ambient noise that you can find on the Jinglow app? Here are a few of our favorite white noise YouTube channels to get you started.

Best White Noise YouTube Channels

There are many white noise YouTube channels out there, but we want you to catch a glimpse of some of our favorites.

Play these beautiful sounds as you slip into a deep sleep or cancel our noise levels that are keeping you from concentrating. Ditch your clunky noise canceling sound machines and grab these videos on your phone and take them with you.

Here are a few to get you started:

White Noise Fan

This fan white noise YouTube video plays the consistent sound of a fan blowing for a full 11 hours. If played loudly enough, you could study through any distractions and enjoy a restful, slow-wave sleep when you’re ready to hit the hay.

Nature Sounds

Beautiful nature sounds, such as a babbling brook or the sound of leaves rustling together can create an ambiance of peace, tranquility, and focus. That’s not just hippy talk, either. Listening to nature sounds while studying or working boosts productivity and mood.

White Noise Rain

Static noise can get a little dull after a while, especially if you’re trapped in the cement walls of the university library all day. Instead of listening to the sounds of a broken TV while studying, switch over to the sound of white noise rain. Remarkably, it sounds a lot like static but a lot more calming.

Celestial White Noise

You know how you get sleepy when you’re in a car or an airplane? It’s that constant airy sound that sort of drowns out the background noise that puts you to sleep. Well, consider harnessing some of that noise cancelling power by playing celestial white noise while you study?