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Why a White Noise App Can Help You Sleep Like a Baby

Have you been having trouble sleeping? Technological overstimulation and increasing stress levels can make it difficult for people get some quality shut-eye. Fortunately, there are many ways to distress the body and mind, which includes using white noise. However, how does it work? The answer is simple: white noise incorporates all frequencies, which means it has the ability to mask other sounds. This is why using white noise apps can be beneficial for folk who live in noisy neighborhoods or have loud housemates.

What is White Noise?

White noise and white light have a lot more in common than you thought. White light is a combination of all colors, in the same way, white noise is a combination of all audible frequencies. It is typically used to mask background sounds, which in turn promotes healthy sleeping. In technical terms, white noise can be defined as noise that has constant volume throughout the audible frequency range. Genuine white noise can be generated electronically and sounds a lot like radio or TV ‘static’. The sound is unpleasant to the ears as it combines high-frequency energy.

Additionally, sometimes the term ‘white noise’ may be used to refer to any type of unchanging, constant background noise. This makes it a general term for a diverse range of sounds. These include:

  • Machinery Noises: Washing machine, air conditioning units
  • Nature Sounds: sea waves, rain, chirping sounds
  • Ambient Soundscapes: Crackling campfire, aircraft interior, crowd noise

How White Noise Generators Work

As mentioned above, white noise is used for masking background noise, allowing folks to get a peaceful night’s rest. Here’s why white noise is effective:

Blocks Disturbing Sounds and Helps You Sleep

If you are a light sleeper who can’t fall asleep if there’s loud chatter echoing in the hallway, perhaps you should consider using white noise to block out these sounds. So, if you often have trouble falling asleep because of your loud neighbors, use a white noise app to fall asleep. However, you must ensure the white noise is loud enough to work or else it might not be able to mellow down other sounds.

Prevents Overstimulation

Another theory, which might help explain why white noise helps you sleep, is that your brain loves the stimulation and tries to remain active even when you’re ready to drift off to sleep. This is why any kind of background noise that might distract you can keep you awake. White noise works by satisfying the brain’s need for stimulation without overexciting it too much.

Promotes Relaxation

While pure white noise that sounds a lot like your TV static might not be relaxing, natural sounds are. Many apps feature natural soundtracks, these tracks are recorded from nature or are synthesized. However, why do you think people put in so much effort into these recordings? This is because sounds of the river, forests, and waterfalls can be peaceful and calming for people, allowing you to de-stress. Therefore, the next time you are feeling stressed out or simply want to take a break from your hectic routine, try listening to the sounds of ocean or waterfall. The best white noise apps include a selection of popular sounds that will help you feel better.

White Noise Apps and Babies

Trying to put your little one down for their nap? Trying using white noise. Don’t worry, your baby is already accustomed to listening to constant noise. This is because white noise sounds quite similar to the sound of blood rushing in the womb. This helps your little one say calm and relaxed for bedtime. Not to mention, these womb-like noises can be comforting for your little one, especially newborns who are still being accustomed to their new surroundings. At times, white noise can also be used to calm down soothe your baby when they are crying or agitated.

Here’s how you can use the best white noise apps for babies:

  • Can Be Used for Masking Household Noises: White noise apps can be especially beneficial for families who have multiple children of different ages since it can be used for blocking out household noise, such as older siblings.
  • Added Comfort: Some white noise apps offer different settings, which can be used to comfort newborns. This includes a heartbeat setting that mimics the mother or an instrumental lullaby that will put your little one to sleep.
  • Helps Babies Sleep for Longer Periods: By creating a constant stream of noise, white noise apps can be used for drowning other background sounds, which prevent your kid from falling asleep. This allows them to sleep for a longer period.

The Importance of Using White Noise to Help Your Baby Sleep

Wondering why you should go through all this trouble for your little one? Like adults, babies need to be well rested. While adults are prone to show signs of sleep deprivation and can drink multiple cups of coffee to feel more alert, lack of sleep might not be so obvious in babies and children. Here are some signs that will help you determine if your baby is not getting enough sleep:

  • Extreme behavioral fluctuations
  • Hyper-sensitivity
  • Fussiness

If your little one is showing any of the abovementioned signs, it is time you ensure they get more sleep. You can do this by using white noise. New moms can use this time to get some shut-eye too. Look for the best apps to help you sleep.

What to Look for in the Best White Noise Apps

Now that you have learned all about how white noise apps can be beneficial for both adults and babies, it is time you learn how to select the best apps to help you sleep. The best apps should be functional, easy to navigate and must offer a list of soothing sounds that will put you to sleep. Here are a couple of important features you need to look out for:

White Noise for Sleep

If you intend on using the white noise app on your phone, decide whether you want the phone calls to interrupt the white noise sessions or not. If you don’t want anything to get in the way of your peaceful night’s rest, consider setting your phone to “airplane” function or some other similar function that won’t accept calls while you are asleep. Check out the settings in the app and see if it offers a continuous play option. This will ensure the white noise app continues to run through text messages, phone calls and more.

Popular White Noise Sounds

The white noise app must include popular sounds that have a relaxing and therapeutic effect on people. These noises should help people forget about the stresses and pressures of day-to-day life. Some popular natural sounds that are usually included in the best white noise apps include:

  • White noise rain
  • White noise fan
  • Sea waves at the beach
  • Sound of crickets

Most apps have a wide selection of sounds so you can easily select a track that best suits your needs and requirements.

Record Your Own Sounds

Are you still unable to get some sleep? Ensure the white noise app has the ability to record your own sounds. Perhaps you want to record your favorite nature sounds so that you can peacefully drift off in the comfort of your own paradise. Or maybe you prefer to listen to a quiet guided meditation or stream of positive affirmations as you drift off to sleep. A white noise app that allows you to customise your experience is best.

Ability to Set a Timer

Allowing the app to run the entire night will drain your phone battery, leading to a number of inconveniences. To avoid such situations, ensure the app features a timer that allows you to determine how long you would like it to play. The timer will automatically shut down the app once it has played for the desired time. This will not only prevent your phone’s battery from draining but will also allow the people around you to sleep peacefully as they won’t have to switch off the application for you.

Create Your Own Playlist

Would you rather listen to a whole playlist of soothing sounds rather than restricting yourself to one particular kind? The best white noise apps allow you to design your own playlist so you can listen to a whole list of sounds to help you get some quality shut-eye.

This may come across as a surprise but ambient sounds can truly change your life for the better. Listening to these soothing sounds and using the best white noise apps will certainly bring more tranquility to your life. Every day, we are exposed to harsh sounds, such as the rushing of cars, noisy machines, and whatnot. Using white noise apps will not only help you get quality sleep but will also help lower stress levels and will help you concentrate on important tasks.