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Benefits of Meditating and Affirmations During Pregnancy

Benefits of Meditating and Affirmations during Pregnancy

Without a doubt, pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences a woman goes through in her life. The excitement of feeling a new life growing inside of you is unparalleled. Yes, with all the bouts of stress and anxiety, hormonal rush, mood swings, and other problems that it brings along, pregnancy still rocks.

However, there is no denying the fact that with pregnancy come a whole lot of uninvited guests. As your body undergoes a series of changes, it is best to prepare yourself beforehand in order to deal with all the surprises comfortably and efficiently.

Stress, Anxiety and Mood Swings during Pregnancy

With all the hormonal tumult along with other bodily changes that take place in a woman’s body, it is no surprise why she would feel excited one minute, exasperated the next, furious in the third and hysterical right after. All these emotions are totally normal and add to the whole experience. In addition to the stresses and worries of daily life, mothers-to-be fears for her unborn child, with which comes anxiety.

Even though a certain level of stress and anxiety may be unavoidable during pregnancy, there is increasing evidence that shows how high levels can adversely impact the child long after birth.

A recently published study shows a strong connection between maternal anxiety levels in early pregnancy and a child’s vulnerability to ADHD many years later. Since mood swings, spells of stress and anxiety are natural and bound to happen, and there is no point trying to resist them. A better route is a natural one that involves relaxation techniques, such as meditation and positive affirmations, for fighting all the stress and strain linked to pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Meditation

The process of pregnancy is scary, and expectant mothers usually fear a number of things related to pregnancy. They fear childbirth and are concerned about the health, and well-being of their baby and the kind of life their children will have when they grow up. All these worries, in addition to all the discomforts, such as dizziness, morning sickness, feelings of nausea, constipation, heartburn, weight gain, and other numerous problems, only add to the pressure.

One of the proven ways to relieve all these discomforts is to opt for meditation in pregnancy since it helps the mind, body, and soul relax. Furthermore, the activity helps boost the energy flow in the body as its requirement is high for pregnant mothers. In simpler words, meditation helps you go through your pregnancy smoothly, giving you enough strength, energy, and peace. It also prepares you for your labor and delivery.

5 Effective Ways to Meditate

  1. Sit down in a chair and place your feet up on a stack of pillows or on an ottoman. Now put your hands on your stomach, then take long, deep breaths and relax. Each time you inhale, imagine your love flowing into your blood, lungs, and baby. Each time you exhale, imagine your baby’s love flowing back to you. Gently rub your hands over your stomach and every time you exhale, make sure your breath is soft and has a vibration to it. Continue with this, inhaling love to your baby and exhaling your baby’s love into the air that surrounds you.
  2. Visualize a “wave”. Visualization (mental imagery combined with meditation) is a great way to decrease the intensity of pain and is a useful tool to have during labor. All you need to do is see each contraction as an ocean wave. In your head, watch it slowly as it comes, intensifies in pain and then slowly recedes, just like a wave. Imagine yourself as a beautiful fish, letting that wave wash over you.
  3. Think about a blossoming lotus. The lotus is a pure and sacred flower that is honored by many different cultures. What you need to do is imagine your cervix as a blossoming lotus. With every contraction, visualize and say “open, open.”
  4. Chant encouraging stuff. Words are more powerful than we give them credit for. When we say something, it impacts our consciousness, our existence, and our nervous system. During jabs of pain, tell yourself to “breathe for the baby” or “you are a strong mama”, or something of the like that will help you keep going.
  5. Put your hands on your stomach and gently cradle the baby. Feel the sensations inside your belly (movement? warmth?) Now inhale and exhale deeply. If a thought distracts you, flick it away by imagining yourself in the clouds, floating.

Pregnancy Meditation Benefits

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Connection with your changing body
  • Less tension, stress, and anxiety
  • Peace of mind
  • Better labor preparation
  • Reduced risk of postpartum depression

Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

Besides meditation, something as simple as “positive affirmations” is also a great way to help with a peaceful pregnancy and a smooth childbirth. Positive affirmations refer to specific statements that assist in overcoming negative thoughts and creating new pathways in the mind for positive mental, physical and emotional changes. Keep in mind that your thoughts can pave the way to your reality, and your thoughts can help you towards an un-medicated, complication-free birth.

How Do Affirmations Work?

Affirmations work by reprogramming the subconscious mind to create more positive connections (neuro pathways) surrounding a specific issue. The body literally responds to what the brain tells it through biofeedback. Positive reaffirmations work by creating more promising conditions on a cellular level to encourage what is wanted.

Positive affirmations about pregnancy work by restricting and eliminating thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and memories and also sowing positive seeds, using positive words, in combination with sound and imagery works most effectively. Examples of positive affirmations during pregnancy include:

  1. My womb is overflowing with love. I lovingly let go of the past.
  2. I shall only crave what is good for me and for the baby
  3. My baby and I are one. I choose to create peace inside me and also around me.
  4. I will only nourish my body with experiences and foods that are good for me and my baby
  5. My pregnant body is beautiful
  6. My unborn child feels my love
  7. My body is completely ready for childbirth
  8. I am an awesome mother
  9. I am calm, centered and looking forward to the birth of my child
  10. I am a strong woman who is capable of handling a little pain here and there
  11. My baby is developing and growing just as it should
  12. My baby is important to me, and so is my body

Making Early Pregnancy Affirmations Work for You

In order for positive pregnancy affirmations to work for you, you should keep the following points in mind:

  1. Believe in every word you say. If you face fear or a negative thought, acknowledge it and deal with it. The key is to believe, without which positive affirmations are mere words with no meaning.
  2. Repeat! When you are expecting a baby, you will constantly be bombarded with negative childbirth stories and images, both from your loved ones and the media. It is therefore important that you consistently and continuously repeat your positive pregnancy affirmations to yourself. Write them on colorful sticky notes and hang them in your bathroom, your dressing table’s mirror, on the back of your phone, your kitchen fridge, or wherever you will frequently be able to see them throughout the day. You can also download audio clips of these affirmations to your phone or laptop and listen to them before going to bed, or whenever you get time.
  3. Engage all your senses. Merely looking at positive quotes won’t do any good. To be really effective, positive pregnancy affirmations need to be said out loud frequently so that they become cemented in your brain.

Using Technology for Meditation and Positive Affirmations

Especially if you are new to meditation and/or positive affirmations or don’t have time much time to spare, bringing these two helpful activities in your daily routine may become a little challenging.

Fortunately, present-day technology allows you to accomplish your personal development goals quickly and conveniently.

There are a number of smartphone apps for meditation and positive affirmations that can help you enhance your spiritual practice and attain peace during stressful pregnancy periods. Simply Google what you are looking for and see which app suits your needs the best before you download it.

Another way you can use technology for positive pregnancy affirmations and meditation is by using tools that are already present in your device. After you have come up with a personalized affirmation, all you have to do is record it with the help of a voice memo feature and then listen to the affirmations multiple times during the day and before going to bed. To make sure you don’t forget, set a reminder that will pop up regularly on your phone’s screen or set up a notification to sound every hour.

If you are not down for this kind of hassle, all you need to do is look for an app that allows you to record your meditations and positive affirmations, and you will be on your way to a less stressful and smooth pregnancy.